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With a goal to connect our cities with nature, we are interested in collaborating & working with other professionals to successfully grow & implement green infrastructure into our urban environments.

Your project will benefit from early consultation, working together to address the wide range of considerations when planning a green roof, living facade, interior fit out & urban agriculture.


Our consultation services include;

  • Peer review & expert advice

  • Design

  • Estimating

  • Plant species selection

  • Irrigation & Hydraulic requirements 

  • Maintenance forecasting & access methodology 

  • Lighting

  • HVAC

  • Structural loading

Grow Collective work closely with architects, landscape architects, interior designers, engineers, estimators & building contractors through out the design development, tender & construction phase. 

Urban Agriculture



We are offering expertise, data, and guidance, we are here to help you design, build and program productive gardens in our urban environments. 

Food roofs, urban farms & productive gardens have the potential to reconnect people with their food & promote healthier cities & workplaces.

  • Lightweight modular systems

  • Produce food and flowers

  • Contribute to the local food system

  • Create jobs for urban farmers

  • Great PR opportunities

  • Generate revenue


We can provide the vital link between engineering and architectural fields.

Our team takes a collaborative, problem solving approach, working with industry and trades to reduce cost, encourage innovation and keep the project time-frame on track.

We can provide technical and strategic guidance to successfully deliver green infrastructure projects. We can assist your team during preliminary design stage through to completion.

Our team of landscape designers, horticultural specialists, and Green Infrastructure Professionals work with clients and design professionals to realise their visions.

Green Infrastructure can be delivered in a multitude of combinations and forms and should be selected specifically for each project.


Maintenance plays a crucial part to long term green infrastructure success. We can also issue maintenance contracts for pre-existing green roofs that are in need of extra care. 

Our maintenance services include;

  • One off services

  • Programmed maintenance

  • Operation manuals

  • On-site training

  • Budget forecasting

  • Designing for maintenance

  • Access advice

  • Method of access​

We can maintain.


Our team can maintain your asset as well as advise on methodology in early stages of green infrastructure design. We can advise on hydration, nutrient & access requirements.

We can teach you to maintain.


We can offer practical advice to property & facility managers and your maintenance staff no matter what level of horticultural knowledge. Our horticulturalists and maintenance team can assist and advise on all green infrastructure systems and products.

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